Levin Simes & Kaiser LLP          
  Levin Simes & Kaiser LLP is a law firm that represent individuals and workers who have been injured in work related cases specializing in asbestos litigation.        

  Marketing Objective
Design a compelling website to inform the viewer (injured individuals and their families) of the various type of cases the firm specializes in (e.g. Mesotheliom Asbestos Related Cancer, Silicosis, Corporate Fraud, Elder Abuse). And underscore the unique experience of the firm in knowing how the leaders of corporate America strategize so they can help individuals and their families who have been hurt by corporations.

Design Solution
With the firm battling the corporations for their plaintiffs, the logo design was inspired by the analogy of the David and Goliath story and incorporates the archer visually spearing the images representing the six categories. Each category was represented by a corresponding image and its distinct color.