Package that holds a variety of decorative stickers and a surprise toy.

Redesign the packaging to give a more accurate representation of the various sticker strip lengths and create a container to keep the stickers. The original packaging curled the strips of stickers and misled consumers by giving the impression that the stickers came in a much longer roll. The package also needed to contain a little surprise toy inside.

We created Mrs. Grossman’s Sticker Keeper Box to provide a more accurate representation of the sticker strip length. The free floating pattern gives an insight into the wide range of sticker themes produced.
Hand held puppet that hums a song as its mouth is moved by a child’s hand.

Create packaging that would pack the toy efficiently for transport from manufacturing in Hong Kong, stack easily for retailers, and enable consumers to interact with the puppet.

We designed the packaging to protect the toy during transport. The cut out window enables consumers to interact with it and our whimsical use of the music score sends the message that the toy is musical.