F WDO - Packaging & Product Design
Challenging word game that involves spelling words with scrambled tiles and lets all players participate during each turn.

Create illustrative packaging for this tiled letter game that will project its liveliness and fun.

The packaging combines a graphic tile like pattern of the game letters with a festive palate of colors to project the fun, fast paced nature of the game.
Shields Production, Inc. invents and promotes creative fun and challenging games and toys, and needed a design to launch the card game FruitSuits.

A fun and challenging card game, FruitSuits design needed to project a whimsical spirit visually, but be pragmatic in the design layout for the game board as it is the placeholder for the card game’s strategic game play activity.

The design utilizes the sweet faced illustrative fruit characters. The cast of characters, combined with its palate of colors and simplistic shapes, projects a light-hearted personality for its target audience of age 8 and above.