G. Faux Red Berries  $45 (11" w) - Front & Back w/Gold Pinecone  SOLD

New Year's Botanical Design  

If any designs are of interest, please Email me as soon as possible at valerie@wongdesign.com so I can reserve it for you.

First Online Holiday Botanical Design Collection Below - Sold Out

Botanical Designs - Tips & Care

Wood bases are from reclaimed wood (fallen trees, driftwood, etc.).  Reclaimed pieces are hosed off, dried in the sun, then baked at about 200 degrees for one hour to address any insects that may have been burrowed inside.

Before assembling the botanicals to the wood base, they are hosed off & dried.  The only care it needs is to avoid direct sun & direct heat to promote longevity; bright indirect sunlight is fine.  No misting or watering is required.  Usually lasts for weeks, even months.  Enjoy!

B. Bay Leaf Tree Branch  $80  (26" L) - Full View & Detail  SOLD

L. Succulent with Dried Ocean Plant Curly Cord $40  (7" L with gold glitter pine cone on driftwood)  SOLD

K. Pine Cones $40  (6.5" L with succulents, seed pod, red glitter leaf on driftwood)  

H. Maroon & Greens w/Gold Pine Cone  $45 (8" w) - Front & Side  SOLD

J. Wood Rose $40  (5" L with succulents, gold glitter leaf on driftwoodSOLD

M. Airplant with Succulents $60  (8.75" L with gold glitter leaf vine, pine cone on driftwood); 2 Angles

Note:  Airplant (aka Tillandsia, yellow spiky plant, needs misting once a week

V          A          L          E          R          I          E                  W          O          N          G  

E. Fuchsia Bird $30  (7.5" w)  SOLD

I. Red Holiday Birds $35 each   Left & Front  6"-8" w; tallest 8" h  BOTH SOLD;  Right one  SOLD

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