We welcome collaborations with 
our clients to celebrate all the 
milestones of life:  birthdays, 
weddings, anniversaries,

house sales, memorials  – 

to name a few.

Shown here are

Table Top Botanical Designs

with longer lasting succulents 

& tillandsias (aka air plants).

Succulents are longer lasting than

standard  cut florals;

designs can last for several 

weeks or even months, with

no watering (only misting for

tillandsias).  Best to avoid

direct sun & direct heat.

Minimum fee starts at $75-$185 for

larger sizes, plus 

extra for delivery.

Contact Me

to discuss your

floral / botanical project –

I look forward to collaborating 

with you! – Valerie

Past Commissioned Botanical Designs

Memorial Botanical Design 

(Plum tree base, succulents, acorns, moss; 25" length)

Get Well Botanical Design 

(Oak tree base, succulents, kangaroo paws, acorns, moss; 26" length)

Housewarming Botanical Design 

(Madrone tree base, succulents, tillandsias, acorns, moss, porcupine quills; 27" length)

V          A          L          E          R          I          E                  W          O          N          G