Valerie Wong is a floral and botanical  designer, with a past career as a graphic designer.  She received her bachelor of arts degree from California College of Arts (CCA), in Oakland.  In addition to designing for clients, she also worked for a broad spectrum of design firms.

In 1985, Valerie was in the partnership, The Design Office of Wong & Yeo,

San Francisco, working with creative teams comprised of designers, illustrators, writers and printers  –  tailored to the needs of each project.  

 After ten unforgettable years, the partnership divided and Wong & The Design Office, Oakland, began in 1996.  In the past, Valerie enjoyed designing to meet the marketing objectives for her clients in various formats of logo design, packaging, donor boards, signage.  Her work is now focusing on floral and botanical design.

V          A          L          E          R          I          E                  W          O          N          G